Emergency Medicine Locum Tenens

Emergency Medicine Locum Tenens

When a professional takes on a position that is locum tenens, it is a temporary job that literally means to “hold the place of another” who is temporarily absent from work but expected to return. Although a medical professional needs to be away from work, their job does not disappear.

With emergency medicine, there are many positions to be filled, including that of surgeon, nurse, anesthesiologist, lab technician, x-ray technician, pharmacist, dentist, phlebotomist, and more. Usually these positions are found though a medical specialty employment agency. There are healthcare staffing agencies that only have medical jobs, and they work closely with local hospitals, clinics, and private practice offices on a regular basis, to fill temporary jobs as they occur.

The advantage to the worker is that they are free to work as much or as little as they wish, and also to travel around the country. This is great for those who are at liberty to do so, and they can visit and stay in any area of the country for any amount of time while still working at their high paying medical specialty. Some persons just enjoy a change of scenery, and others want to tour the country at a slow pace. This works well also for seasonal living, where a person wants to be up north in the summer and in the warmer states in winter. While there are not an abundance of these types of jobs, specifically in emergency medicine, there are openings available, and with a little searching, an interested professional can make the moves they want.

Medicine in general is a thriving career. This is due to many vacancies created as older workers begin to retire, and there is a gap in qualified replacements. Emergency medicine is a stressful occupation, and may not be meant for every person who tries it out. Working on a locum tenens basis offers everyone the chance to experience emergency medicine to see if that is where they want to work on a permanent basis. It also gives a person new to an area a chance to experience work life in that hospital position before they try to obtain full time employment at that location.

The locum tenens jobs are not permanent jobs, however, they are just temporary, fill in jobs for another professional who, for various reasons, needed to take some time off. Their jobs still must be filled with qualified personnel, and on a temporary basis. The healthcare staffing companies are always looking for trained, qualified emergency medical personnel to work locum tenens positions. These jobs are good for retirees who want to cut back on their work load, and for new graduates who want to try different types of medical jobs. A period of work in the emergency room allows the medical personnel to experience many types of medical cases, from accidents to gun wounds, to birthing and other emergency situations.

To learn more about careers in emergency medicine visit the emergency medicine locum tenens page for more information and how to apply for a job.