EFT – Why Use a Practitioner When I Know How to Use EFT?

EFT – Why Use a Practitioner When I Know How to Use EFT?

EFT-based tapping is a great self healing tool. Your day-to-day life can be much more pleasant, tapping as you go. If you’re annoyed at traffic, improve your drive by tapping (use one hand only, please!) on “this annoying traffic” or “this road rage,” depending on how bad it really is. Or if you wake up anxious, you can calm yourself and start off the day well by tapping on “this anxiety.”

But if you want to get rid of deeper issues that interfere with your success and happiness, working with a skilled practitioner can be much more effective. Read on to learn some reasons why this might be a good choice for you.

Painful Issues

Working on painful issues by yourself can be tricky business. You may unknowingly avoid some aspects to keep from feeling the old pain. You may have trouble staying focused. It’s remarkable what our subconscious defense system will do in trying to protect us. You might put it off – some part of you doesn’t want to face it alone. A practitioner can help with all these factors.

Chronic Issues

If you’ve carried a problem for a long time – physical or emotional – there’s probably a core issue beneath those symptoms that keep showing up. You may work for a long time on your own, trying to get to the bottom of it. A skilled tapping coach can quickly find the root of that problem and help you clear the chronic issue.

Patterns of Emotions

If you have a pattern of being anxious every day, or mad all the time in traffic, you can tap on those symptoms and get relief. But that’s a lot of repetitive work. Wouldn’t it be great to clear the cause of the pattern? Practitioners know how to ferret out what’s really at the core of those patterns and help you to release it. Then you can get freedom from the pattern – not just freedom for that episode.

Outside Perspective

Sometimes we’re just too close to the issue. We all have blind spots when it comes to knowing ourselves. A practitioner can offer a fresh, objective view to arrive at the best ways to use tapping to resolve your problem.

Skilled Detective Work

Through skill and experience, a practitioner can ask the questions to help find the foundation of the problem that’s showing up as a symptom – whether that symptom is fear, shame, guilt, anger, worry or another unwanted feeling. On your own, you may be headed off in a direction that won’t get you real relief.

Using Advanced Methods

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. That’s plural. There are many advanced techniques developed by EFT founder Gary Craig and other long-time practitioners and EFT Masters. A good practitioner has studied these and can use more effective ways to help you accomplish your goals.

Pain-Free Healing

There are ways to use tapping so that you don’t have to re-live the discomfort that cause your crummy feelings today. A seasoned practitioner can lead you through painful issues without you having to suffer.

Experience Working With Your Issues

Other people have problems similar to yours. And a practitioner has worked with them. We’re familiar with clusters of issues that often occur together. We know what kinds of subconscious resistance is common with a particular kind of issue. So we can lead you in directions that may never occur to you doing EFT on your own. That can mean deeper healing for you.

Make Your Informed Choice

Choosing someone to trust with your feelings and issues is a big deal. So take your time in finding a practitioner who’s right for you – someone you can really connect with. Some practitioners specialize in particular issues. Some combine spiritual practice with EFT. Look around on the internet and find someone you’d like to work with.

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