EFT Practitioner – 3 Tips For Choosing the Right One

EFT Practitioner – 3 Tips For Choosing the Right One

Choosing an EFT practitioner is something that more and more people in the United States are doing every day.  Emotional Freedom Technique is an alternative approach to mental, spiritual, emotional and sometimes physical healing that has been growing in popularity over the past few decades, and it’s now reached a critical mass.  Whereas not long ago, hardly anyone had even heard of EFT, it’s now becoming part of the mainstream of the alternative health scene.  Just as in any other field, more growth means more demand, and practitioners are growing in number all the time to meet the needs of the market.  So how should you choose an EFT practitioner?

First, make sure that they’re certified.  Now, this isn’t to imply that a person offering EFT services who isn’t certified is not good at what they do; it’s just that there’s really no independent proof of that without the certification.  Gary Craig is the developer of EFT, and he has created a certification program that ensures that those who want to offer EFT to others know what they’re doing.  Make sure your practitioner has this certification.

Second, find out how long they’ve been doing EFT, both privately, and as a practitioner.  Ideally, they will have been in business for several years by now.  This isn’t always possible in a young field like EFT, and you may only have new practitioners to choose from in your area.  But everything else being equal, you should generally go with the one who’s had an EFT practice for some time.

Finally, rely heavily on testimonials and recommendations from others.  Talk to people who have been helped by the EFT professional before signing up for any treatments.  Testimonials are probably the most powerful form of advertising, and any EFT consultant worth his or her salt will have lots of them, and won’t mind letting you talk to former clients who have given permission.  Those are the big three considerations.  Look for them when you choose an EFT practitioner.

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