Doctors That Are Affected By War

Doctors That Are Affected By War
A really terrible war can have a devastating effect on the medical profession. Not only are doctors and other medical professionals killed in the line of duty, but many medical professionals also cannot stand by this killing, when they take an oath to help others regardless of what side they are on. It is important for doctors to remain neutral during wars, but they are always physically located with one of the sides, so this makes things dangerous.

If war ever comes to American soil, there would be greater demands on the medical profession to protect national health as well as being physically involved in both illnesses and injuries – which calls for better organization. Particular consequences in America are likely. Even doctors back at home will be adversely affected.

First, they’re practices will lose younger patients who may be away at war. The physicians who have retired or taken on less hours will be expected to work longer hours once more. Solo practitioners will join with larger offices and larger offices will combine into broad groups to facilitate coordination.

Greater effort will be devoted to halting large-scale spread of disease. The lessons of history have taught us the dangers of permitting disease to advance when the medical profession is spread too thin.

Army service corps would arise. There is already a database of every medical school in America. The United States National Guard has a skeleton group that is ready to run at a moment’s notice, and it is directed by the war department medical division. As always, the medical field does collaborate with the army sanitary corps.

Both of these groups will be involved with food purities and water supplies to make sure good health is promoted.

A number of doctors would labor to improve and make sera, toxins, anti toxins, blood transfusions storage equipment, and special drugs. The most valuable contribution from scientific research would come in this area. There are specific issues with war, such as wound shock, which entails an individual’s collapse from the smallest injuries; these will serve as the focus of research studies by lab workers and shock divisions on the battle field.

Rather than slacking up with the medical teaching, it will become more intensive. The most unfortunate thing to think about is because more doctors are going to be killed than ever before, more doctors will be needed.

We are assuming here that the U.S. goes into a war.

Even more significant will be the study of war shock and other such issues lest the United States should choose to hold back from active participation in the war.

This would allow scientists to take their time and analyze information at their own pace, without having to worry about the pressures of war. A new cure or vitamin is not an immediate possibility, so their work ought to be of greater significance when it isn’t held under the pressure of impending injury.

Anyone who has lived through a war will have no other feeling but dread when thinking about the possibility of enduring another one. After all, our country went into it with all the best intentions. In the beginning our leaders tried to be rationale, making well-measured judgments.

Rational thought and behavior finally yielded, as month after month elapsed with all of the various tidal waves of feelings swamping us. There was a loss of judgement of right and wrong, as well as a lack of interest. It almost seemed treacherous to be reasonable.

Compassion became a sin, while callousness was rewarded. No one can be sure at this point if we will go down this road, or how far down it we could get.

There is one thing that can be counted on, judging by our past experiences. Should conflict break out again, nobody will emerge as a true victor.

When the smoke clears and the dust settles, the rebuilding of the economy will occur, and the pieces of our lives will need be picked up and put back together again. It will be useful if we are able to keep our spirits high during this trying time of reconstruction so that we can emerge from the other side of it as strong as ever.

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