Dentists Wish You Knew This

Dentists Wish You Knew This
Whether you are going to the dentist to get checkup or to solve a problem, there are several things your dentist probably going to tell you. Even if you heard these things before, he will tell you again.

There are many things that every dentist wishes that you knew and would remember. The first thing they hope you know is that dental checkups do not only check the state that your teeth are in.

It also includes a screening for cancer in your entire mouth to make sure that you are not at risk for this life threatening disease. By getting a regular checkup, you will be able to catch an oral cancer that may be developing at a fairly early state.

This means that you will be able to begin treatment soon. The earlier that you begin treatment the more likely it is that you will survive.

It is unfortunate to realize that at least once during every hour of every day, a person dies due to oral cancer. Unfortunately these people were either not able to or neglected to visit the dentist as often as they should and the cancer was not caught in the early stages when it is much easier to treat.

There are also a couple other things you can do to avoid developing oral cancer besides attending your regular checkups. You should also avoid tobacco and other harmful substances.

The second thing most dentists wish you knew is that you should brush your teeth at least two times throughout a day. While most people technically know this fact, they do not apply it in their lives.

Most dentists wish that people would apply this knowledge in their lives. They believe that as long as a person does not really apply it in their lives he or she does not really know this fact.

However, failure to apply this knowledge throughout life is a one of the number one causes that people lose their teeth before they die. Unfortunately, a connection to heart disease and strokes has also recently been made.

If oral disease, which is the result of lacking to brush your teeth properly twice every day, is caught at an early stage it can be reversed. However, if periodontitis is allowed to develop it will result in bone loss and many other serious side effects.

Flossing is also a critical part of preventing oral disease or gingivitis. In addition, regular check ups and cleanings will also help prevent periodontitis.

These checkups can also help prevent the development of cavities, the need for a root canal, gum disease and many other oral conditions. Many people make the mistake of waiting until something hurts to go and visit the dentist.

However, by this point it is often too late to take preventative measures. It is important to take a visit to the dentist before it seems like it is needed.

Another thing the dentist would like you to know is that bad breath can be an indication of another oral health problem. It is not necessarily related to something you ate.

This may be the case particularly if you find bad breath to be a chronic problem. Studies have found that about 85 percent of people who experience consistent bad breath have an oral problem that is the cause of it.

You can still use mouthwash, gum, toothpaste and other products to try and cover up your bad breath, but these things will only cover it up and they will not fix the problem if it is related to another dental problem. Of course, proper home oral care such as brushing your teeth and tongue can definitely help.

Most dentists also wish that you knew how much eating properly can help your teeth and the state of your mouth. The sugar in soda and in unhealthy foods is extremely destructive.

The bacteria that result from the acids in certain foods are also extremely harmful to our teeth. Cavities and gum disease are often difficult to fight off by simply brushing and flossing.

It is a combined effort of eating the right things and taking the necessary precautions to care for your teeth. Another thing that people make the mistake of thinking is that dental problems will get better on their own or go away without doing anything.

While the rest of your body may be able to heal itself in most cases, this is not the case with dental problems. It is important that you get it taken care of right away as soon as you are aware of it.

Ronald Pedactor is a former dental assistant and has authored hundreds of articles relating to oral health. He worked for a cosmetic dentist in South Carolina before becoming a guest dental lecturer for the past 15 years.

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