Dentists – What Do They Do?

Dentists – What Do They Do?
Dentists are important health care practitioners. They can perform an array of tasks in order to keep their patients well.

Dentists play an integral part in their patients’ well being. Oral health care has a huge impact on the well being of the entire human body. Many diseases and conditions can occur in a body which originated only in the mouth. Heart disease, clogged arteries, diabetes, chronic infections and lowered immune response all have the potential of evolving due to untreated cavities and gingivitis.

Dentists can provide an array of treatments to help their patients. Their list of can-do’s is long and continues to grow. The body is a complex system that is more closely linked than many people imagine. What does the average dental practitioner do? Here are some examples:

Straighten Teeth

An orthodontist is a specialist who focuses on straightening teeth. This procedure is often done during adolescence but many adults choose to straighten their smile, as well. Not only is straightening important for appearances but having the proper bite and alignment will be helpful in reducing problems with pain and erosion. There are various methods for straightening, including traditional silver metal braces, colorful or clear bands or invisalign which is a product found to be nearly invisible.

Clean, X-Ray and Scan for Cavities

Regular check-ups are imperative for maintenance. A dental office is equipped with the tools and technicians for cleaning by a certified hygienist, taking x-rays and scanning for cavities, cracks or decay. Every three to six months or sometimes up to one year are timeframes often recommended for regularly scheduled check-ups.

Cosmetic Enhancement

Cosmetic dentists have been trained to enhance the appearance of teeth. Whitening, bonding and caps can make a smile truly beautiful. Snaggle tooth problems, discoloration or spaces can be alleviated by this pro. In both business and social circumstances, a bright and even smile goes a long way for a person’s self esteem.

Treat Gum Disease

Gingivitis can be a big problem and can eventually cause individuals to lose their incisors, bicuspids and more. Proper flossing is imperative to maintaining healthy gums. Surgical treatment of gingivitis may be accomplished by a practitioner who specializes in this remedy.

Remove Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can cause pain and shove the rest of them out of alignment. Many patients have these removed during adolescence because they have become infected or impacted. Oral surgeons are the specialists to turn to.

Install Dental Implants

No more false plates removed at bedtime. Advanced technological advances have come up with implants permanently affixed with titanium. Titanium has been discovered to attach to the jaw bone securely and for a person’s lifetime.

Fill Cavities or Cracks

Cavities or cracked enamel surfaces can be invitations to bacterial infection and rot. Cavities are filled with durable substances such as metal and cracks are covered in order to save the tooth and protect the patient from decay and loss.

Root Canals

The enamel portion which is seen above a patient’s gum is only a portion of the picture. The root which lies beneath the surface must be tended to, as well. The nerves and blood supply in the vicinity of the root need to be maintained and treated, too.

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