Dentists – Overcoming The Fear Of The Chair

Dentists – Overcoming The Fear Of The Chair
Why do so many of us avoid going to see our dentists like it’s a death sentence. For many people it’s the pain. If that is the case there are ways to work around that anxiety.

Keeping your smile at its best is hard work. Flossing and brushing daily is a given but even the best toothbrushes in the world can’t get rid of all the plaque. Sure there are mouthwashes out there that can help you in that department but how do you know that you are keeping your smile it’s healthiest. You don’t unless you make regular checkups with your dentists.

Very few people will list visiting the dentist on their top ten lists of things they like to do. It can be even more unnerving than seeing a regular physician for some people. The reason should be obvious. While your physician might tell you to drop some pounds, or lower your cholesterol they generally deal with things that most people don’t see and will never notice about you. Your smile though, everyone notices and it can be nerve wracking to see someone that will affect not only the way you look but in some cases how well you can chew your food.

The thing is, there is very little to fear about dentists. Sure it can be a little unnerving. Cleanings, when done correctly, can be relatively painless but you could get that technician that is in a hurry. Then of course the x-rays can be uncomfortable if you have to keep redoing them. The point is if pain is what you fear there are ways to circumvent the problem without skipping your regularly scheduled checkup. If pain is all you fear try using some Oragel on your gums before your next appointment. You might even try taking a couple of painkillers to ward off some of the pain.

If these tips still don’t work you might speak to your dentists about what is causing your anxiety. He might have some other options that you can try or he can give you some professional strength pain relievers to keep the discomfort down. A new technique that is becoming popular is sedation dentistry. You might enquire if your doctor provides that as an option.

Going to see dentists doesn’t have to cause you to have a panic attack. You should work to discover what makes you nervous and then take steps to work around those fears. We all get cavities on occasion but there is no reason to be afraid of them. Talk to your doctor, you might be surprised to find that he has something that can help you overcome your anxiety.

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