Dentists Appointments And Pregnancy

Dentists Appointments And Pregnancy
To begin, always, always keep you regular dentists appointments when you are pregnant; the hormones and other physical changes in your body can do some pretty strange things to your teeth. Pregnancy gingivitis is a very common condition among pregnant women that involves the swelling of the gums. Because the gums are extra sensitive during this time, it is common for women not to brush at intently as they should in an attempt to avoid discomfort, but cavities can start to form under the swollen gums leaving cavities behind as the gums return to normal after delivery. Your dentist will be able to suggest some products for you to promote optimal care during pregnancy. It is extremely important to stick to brushing twice daily and flossing once daily when you are expecting.

Be sure to inform dentists of your pregnancy when you arrive at your appointment as you will need to postpone having your annual x-rays for a later post-delivery time. If you find yourself with cavities during gestation, your dentist will examine your mouth and do a risk-benefit analysis. The bacteria that forms in cavities, plaque, or tartar can enter your bloodstream through your gums, and even though you generally want to avoid intense dental procedures at this time, if your baby is at risk of developmental difficulties due to the possibility that bacteria is entering your bloodstream, it is safer for both of you to carry on with the dental procedures. In some cases, temporary fillings or crowns can be worn to avoid intrusive procedures while pregnant, and your dentist will always suggest the safest method of correction possible both for you and your baby.

Not a lot of research has been concluded on teeth whitening while pregnant, so it is probably best to just avoid it. Dentists may deem it safe for you to have a professional whitening in his office; in this type of setting guards are used in the mouth to keep chemicals from touching your gums or any other tissue inside of your mouth. Professional strength at home kits should be avoided, and over the counter applications should be cleared with your doctor before you use them. In general, teeth whitening is purely cosmetic, and since it can be avoided during pregnancy, it should be.

You will of course need to continue regular dentists appointments and adjustments if you are wearing braces, paying even closer attention to regular and scheduled care since it is already difficult to maintain oral care when braces are present.

In short, be especially aware of your oral hygiene when you are expecting a baby. The discomforts of pregnancy make cavities, decay, and bacteria more prevalent while the physical toll pregnancy takes on your body sometimes deters women from taking the best care of their mouths, but it is always, always the right decision to see a dentist.

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