Chinese Medicine & America

Chinese Medicine & America

Chinese Medicine or any kind medicine in any part of the world reflects the ethos of that particular region. With increased globalization and exchange of views and other parameters, the system of medicine also attempts to enter into the others’ territories. It’s an ongoing process, which results in giving world class treating mechanisms and ultimately results in better way of healing.

As there are many cases that represent the audacity of the claim of treating by one system of medicine establishing itself as superior, yet there are no guarantees that a particular medicine system will eventually succeed in giving relief to the patient. However, there are attempts that go on in justifying the superiority of a particular medicine system and it applies to all the healing systems of the world. In fact, it is primarily the result of enhanced globalization.

As far as Chinese Medicine is concerned, it has been claimed that it is actually trying to make through the boundaries of America. In its attempt to stake its claim, you can witness many traditional healers offering traditional healing practices in the vicinities of America. Nevertheless, the fact is that it is actually difficult in making space for a particular healing system. However, it isn’t a thing of controversy when we say that Chinese way of healing is trying hard to enter into the premises of America. The fact of the matter is that it is the superiority of the healing system that compels the American people to resort to it. In fact, they are happy with its positive results and that is what makes it ever more popular in the American context.

However, there is significant chunk of people in America who believes that there isn’t much in the claim where Chinese system of medicine is trying its claim over its counterparts. Their claim is that the Chinese have suffered immensely at the hands of many Chinese physicians. However, it is not true as the system of medicine is traditional and on that basis it is attacked by the fundamentalists who believe that there is no other way combat disease in the human body other than modern day treating methods. However, it is not true and not seems to be convincing enough. Chinese Medicine is here to stay and reign supreme amidst all the problems it faces in the present context.

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