Caring Dentists Have Loyal Patients

Caring Dentists Have Loyal Patients
Caring for the health of teeth is not something that I always took seriously. Like many children I had to be reminded of the need to brush my teeth each night. It was not until my teens that I began to realize the importance of taking care of my oral hygiene when a very long period between visits (6 years to be exact) I was told that I had 12 cavities that needed to be filled. While I had been brushing my front teeth I had been neglecting my molars and faced the reality of having most of my lower back teeth filed with silver. From this one visit that I had been putting off I realized that if I wanted to keep my teeth I would have to visit the dentist more frequently.

Now that I am a parent I encourage my children to brush and floss daily (just like my parents did). To my amazement my 5 year old came into my office this morning after finishing up breakfast and announced that it was time to visit the dentist again. Curiously I ask, why do you think you need to see the dentist? My son answered because I have run out of dental floss. Showing me the empty container, I let him know that I could buy some more floss at the store, but my son insisted that even though that would okay for now, he still wants to visit the dentist very soon. I was so proud that my child has already developed a good series of habits for caring about his teeth. On our last visit to the dental office, this same boy had to have a very small cavity filled at the front of his tooth and was so pleased to help the dentist to do the job of filling it in.

Because of the caring attention that he received from our family dentist my 5 year old looks forward to his semiannual checkup and is happy to be awarded a new toothbrush and small package of floss after his appointment. Like other parents that have visited a Lake Havasu City dentist I am pleased that my children are being taught about good oral hygiene habits from a caring and courteous staff of professionals. Even when a small problem is detected, the doctor is able to treat people kindly and explain the options and procedures for correcting the trouble with a tooth before it grows. For my family the expertise of a family of dentists makes it possible for each member of the clan to look forward to their next visit and show the Lake Havasu City dentist how well they are doing.

() This Lake Havasu City Dentist has been providing dental care for over 40 years.

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